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September 09, 2011


Ifeanyi Nwagbogu

Welcome back Abiola. Great to see you're back writing, witty and incisive as ever.


Contrary to your, view millions appear to be enjoying Gaga's output and, incredible as it may seem, even in the current world of derivative mainstream pop and dance, her music does stand out as different (or at least the the work from Monster). It may not be radical or groundbreaking or particularly different, but have we really seen anything truly new in the last few years?
Here's the shocker, there is very little original content. Many artists produce work from the influences of other artists -in all art forms. So what exactly is your point? And do the millions of purchasers actually care? No.

Just for the record, I don't buy or like Gaga much either, but your elitist take on the subject isn't any better.


Theres nothing elitist about it. Some folks would call it "Keeping it real."


Passing blanket and tired judgements on what a significant majority chooses to buy or enjoy assumes a supercilious and elitist viewpoint. The opinions are the same old arguments that the few (old) have espoused against the many (young) since time immemorial.

Keeping it real means not being fake. So, I guess if you like trite, old, arrogant and overbearing assumptions...


Hey where did my comment go?

censoring comments you don't agree with is keeping it real?


That you jumped to the conclusion that you were being "censored" says all that needs to be said about the rationality of your viewpoint...

Here's a newsflash for you: I *don't care* if you consider my views "elitist", as I don't consider "elitism" a dirty word. I'll champion the best of human achievement over repetitive commercial rubbish any day, no matter how many ignorant sheep may think differently.


'That you jumped to the conclusion that you were being "censored" says all that needs to be said about the rationality of your viewpoint...'

Come on, you can pose a better argument than that for your 'intellectual elitism'. Or is that the fall back position; to ignore my original comment and search for a distraction so that you don't need to respond? (Yes I have read your guidelines). That view kind of fits with the tone of your Gaga post.

Obviously, I don't care for your view either, but championing human achievement? In some of your other posts, yes, but in this thread you've missed that goal.

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