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January 17, 2010


Elizabeth Stevens

Israel, even though it is supposedly a "Western Oasis", treats guest workers hardly better than its Arab neighbors:


Granted, Israeli treatment of Chinese guest workers is poor, but it is hardly different in kind from the way their Latin American equivalents are treated in, say, the United States; however poor the situation of Chinese migrants may be in Israel, it is still an order of magnitude better than the physical and sexual abuse which is rampant in the Arab world.

The fact is that a lot of the abuse detailed in the links you provide is because the workers in question are both in Israel illegally and ignorant of Hebrew, two factors which serve to isolate them from the rest of society and make them vulnerable to exploitation. Neither of these two conditions apply to, say, Filipina women working in Britain or the United States for wealthy Arabs, and yet one still hears of cases of rape, starvation and beatings emerging in said circumstances, while you never hear the same about Israeli expatriates. In fact, even the wife of the Israeli Prime Minister isn't immune from the law or media scrutiny when it comes to treating employees with disrespect.

A lawsuit like this, and the kind of coverage given to it by the Israeli media, would simply be unthinkable anywhere in the Arab world, no matter how heinous or well-documented the accusations.

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