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January 06, 2010


Marek Tomasik

This article is such a beautiful example of cultural bias and unsubstantiated superiority that I'm willing to reveal my identity via my Facebook account here. This comment of mine will probably get censored anyway, which if further evidence of the original author's aforementioned attributes. You're free to wallow in your limitless ignorance, I'll be forced to wade out of my own vomit as this article mas made me sick like nothing in this world before.


You flatter yourself greatly. Why would I bother to "censor" [sic] a post by a critic who only manages to make himself look ridiculous? It's not as if you bring any reason to bear to show me up, just an expression of the dimensions of your indignation.

Oh, and by the way, just for your benefit, I still say that anyone who can afford to pay to see "Avatar" in a theatre, and yet chooses to download a sh*tty copy via bittorent, is a bl**dy idiot.

Matthew Wolfinbarger

I totally agree with your stance on Avatar. Digital Piracy at its worst.

Alexandre Costa

Agree on the Moron side. Marek "cultural bias" probably as to do with your "are those who live in countries too poor to be of interest to Hollywood"... inequality makes people mad... unjust world this is...

This is why I always wait for blue ray releases before set sail on my piracy endeavors :p Quality is everything.

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