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October 02, 2009



[...but spurious articles like Mr. Olopade's only serve to detract from efforts at fighting the real thing...]

Dayo Olopade is female. First discovered her when she used to write for YDN. Has her own blog: Race is very much a preoccupation - as is the case @ TheRoots, which I stopped following a while back. The gaudiness of MySpace reflects the style of much of what is called Urban Fashion in general: I think the division is not so much between black and white as it is between urban and preppie type clusters. For the grad school contingent, I think, MySpace is horribly declasse - and it isnt because of race. The test is to deconstruct the black social network population and see if the divide holds per immigrant africans and carribeans.


I'm surprised Olopade is female: hers is an obviously Yoruba name, and as far as I knew "Dayo" was very much a male appellation. It makes me wonder about her family background, as I just don't see typical traditional-minded Yoruba parents giving their children gender-atypical names ...


[...typical traditional-minded Yoruba parents...]

Okay, so since I have a hobby of tracking the not so rich and famous, just wanna point out that young Ms. Olopade might in fact be related to a certain MacArthur genius grantee noted for work on cancer in certain African populations etcetera - said grantee also happening to be female competing in a predominantly male field, etc - perhaps would qualify as not being quite so traditional minded?,0,5974469.story


If Dayo is the daughter of Dr. Funmi Olopade, that would explain her unusual name, as well as her writing for an outlet like "The Root"; conservative Nigerian parents would never willingly accept such a choice of profession in place of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer or something else along those lines.

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