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August 19, 2009



What do you make of the theory that it was actually Iran or Syria behind the bombing and the US and UK blamed Libya because they didn't want to cause a rift with Iran/Syria ahead of the first Iraq War (needing their airspace etc)?



What I think is that while it's certainly not impossible to rule out the sorts of scenarios you describe, those who advocate them fail to put forward any worthwhile evidence in support of their preferred alternatives, while they also fail to explain anomalous facts such as why such a senior Libyan secret service agent should have been serving as an air steward in the first place. Sure, one can raise all sorts of doubts about Megrahi's trial, but that in itself doesn't establish that the preponderance of the evidence fails to support his guilt.

In any event, if this were a matter of guilt and innocence, then the right thing to do would have been to carry out an expedited appeal instead of letting a man who has been tried and found guilty of mass murder to walk free in the name of a smug "compassion" which just so happens to cater to Scottish petty-nationalism by sticking a thumb in America's eye, all the while serving British commercial interests in Libya ...

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