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June 23, 2009



Given that Bobby Ologun, to the best of my knowledge is a bonafide Japanese citizen, your dreams of deportation might have to be deferred for a while.

As to Leopards, I never really associated them with West Africa, and I recollect, years ago having a hard time dealing with "The Bottled Leopard" as the metaphor of choice in C.V. Ike's take on teenage angst in eastern Nigeria.

Dont take this the wrong way - but I assume that Leopards roaming free in West Africa isnt a common occurrence? I am familiar with the problems facing Nigerian game reserves - Antelopes free ranging I can understand - some cats - but Leopards?


I don't know whether leopards are native to West Africa or not, but that isn't really my problem with Bobby Ologun. My problem with this guy is that he is actually from Ibadan, a major metropolis in which the only sort of "wild" animal one is likely to see outside of a zoo is the odd rat or feral dog: seeing a leopard in a city like that is as likely as seeing a brown bear roaming the streets of Stockholm ...

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