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March 23, 2009



But she was the new People's Princess*....

Seriously though the media's fixation with her for half a decade is one of the most extraordinary phenomena of recent years. They seem to have made her a kind of shorthand for the whole underclass.

* I did see one of the weeping strangers describe her as "Our Essex princess" on one of the channels.


Given how much coverage this is getting in the U.S., it must be really, really bad in the U.K.!



you wouldn't believe just how bad it was this morning. Every single British paper*, even the supposedly "serious" ones like the Times, the Telegraph and the Guardian, carried a front page article on her passing as if she were a former head of state or someone of similar eminence. I don't believe even Paul Newman and John Updike enjoyed a similar level of attention when they died, and they actually made substantial positive contributions to the world!

Most disgusting of all, though, is that our self-aggrandizing, spendthrift Prime Minister should choose to besmirch his office by making a personal tribute to her "courageous [sic] life and death".

Anything for a popularity boost! If this doesn't establish Gordon Brown's unfitness for office I don't know what does ...

*with the possible exception of the FT.

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