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January 18, 2009



Unsurprisingly, the BBC commentary from "innocent" Palestinians were essentially monotonous in proclaiming that Hamas defeated Israel.

There are even doubts about whether most Hamas fighters actually had the balls to fight (BBC Middle EAST: Gaza ruins beg questions of Hamas).

Hamas too is now claiming "victory," and I suppose by his definition, victory equals: Inciting a clearly superior military to war, running away from the war, having hundreds of your own fighters and an equal number of your people killed, then coming back to proclaim "victory" at last! I guess they never got the memo that the only way to make demands from a superior force was to try the "non-violent" way, you know, like Mandela did in Africa, like Ghandi did in India, and as MLK did in the U.S.A. Perhaps if they tried reading a different piece of literature other than the Quran...

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