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October 05, 2008


Sheila Joyce

Sorry, but the Brits are NOT alone in this mess! Since losing my hubby 17 mos+, I've been trying to spread the word, of severe health damage caused by drinking. Absolutely amazed how many of us, just here in Canada alone, have absolutely no idea whatsoever, of the danger all liquor contains. Worse is that I've yet to meet any of them, who aren't afraid to speak out about it. I'm sure that I can't be the only one, who's admitting my stupidity & therefore, destroyed my life, can I ?
The thing that really gets me, is the number of University & High School Youth, who have been drinking to a greater extent than my 30 yrs!?! And trying to get my message through their lovely undamaged heads, is like pulling their perfect teeth out !!!!
Somehow, we've got to get our Governments to pass mandatory Health Warning Labels on all liquor containers.
It's not going to completely solve the problems, but hopefully, it will help !

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