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April 05, 2008



A bit too skinny, and lacking in certain womanly assets. Surely there is some happy medium between her and the Chloe you linked to?

The sentiment "british girls are ugly" reminds me a lot of complaints people (usually shy guys) give here at my own university. There are attractive girls everywhere, if you are willing to look.

Then again, perhaps England is truly cursed among the nations, but that seems a bit improbable.


I think she looks just fine as is, as I'm no fan of cellulite. But then, given your opinion on her weight level, I can see why England doesn't seem quite so bad to you ...

The stats don't lie - British women are the fattest in Europe, the most prone to having children as teenagers, and the most likely to indulge in binge drinking. If that isn't being "cursed amongst the nations" of Europe, I don't know what is.

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