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March 08, 2008



I'm not certain about the American Public, but I believe that the Obama camp might have resisted challenging Hillary Clinton's experience because of Obama's insistence on being the "positive" candidate. I think the results of the latest elections will prompt him to reconsider, so we'll see.


Just be glad that Hillary Rodham didn't marry a neurosurgeon or she would no doubt feel qualified to perform brain surgery.


Yes, "Neurosurgeon by Osmosis" is not the slightest bit more nonsensical than Hillary's claims to "experience", but once you take this talking point away from her, what else is left?

I'm torn between my contempt for the woman's mendacity, viciousness, corruption and record of incompetence, and my awareness that her obstinacy, unbridled ambition and affinity for gutter politics are the surest guarantee that the successor to Bush won't be a big government liberal, but someone who believes in free trade, low taxes and low regulation.

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