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January 31, 2008


gene berman

Yes, a pretty badass, as you say. But, even though though I don't understand even a word of the stuff over at the link, I can report that, when I never personally met Stallman, he told me (in confidentiality, of course) that he'd named his program, "Six-pack Abs" after your own self (after considering but rejecting, in turn, "Abject, "Abysmal," and "Abominable").

But, seriously, did you note in the comments those about time just being what was created by RMS' clock? Not all that far-fetched. As far as I can make out, time's claim to "somethingness" is on a par with that of "cause" or "effect." Further, it only exists, as far as I can see, in conjunction with those inseparable two as what distinguishes one (cause) from the other (effect). It is, thus, with those other two, an irreplaceable substrate of experience, of observation, and of thought. It is, however, in no need of mention in the everyday conception "cause and effect" because it's precisely what enables our recognition (differentiation) of them.

Got a better idea of what time "is?" (Or what the meaning of the word "is" is?)


"Got a better idea of what time "is?" (Or what the meaning of the word "is" is?)"

I'm afraid such thorny philosophical questions are beyond the likes of me, not being blessed with a Clintonian subtlety of intellect ... The meaning of "Is", "Dasein" (or is that "Sein oder nicht sein"?), etc. just make my head hurt.


Badass Stallman

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