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January 28, 2008



I wouldn't be so sure about McCain yet! Romney has shown that he will pay whatever it takes to win.


Well, I guess what it comes down to is whether the GOP base is dumb enough to vote for a transparently phony moneybags who's willing to say anything to appeal to any audience, over holding its collective nose and choosing a candidate who might not always say what the base wants to hear, but can at least be trusted to deliver on the bits on which he agrees with them. Does the GOP contain enough idiots to buy Romney's transformationn from a former ultra-capitalist and pro-abortion, pro-gay rights liberal into a bible-thumping, protectionist, anti-abortion, anti-gay troglodyte? If so, then the Republicans deserve to lose, and I'd rather have an Obama in the White House any day.

No, the worst of all possible worlds, to my mind, would be a Romney vs. Clinton showdown, a contest of power-hungry phonies ...


I totally agree---I cringe at the possibility of Clinton vs. Romney. If that happens, Bloomberg had better be there to rescue us all!


I don't understand the point of Hillary Clinton.

Normally candidates are popular with their party either because they represent a party's core voters or because they have enough cross over appeal to win. The Clintons' constant triangulation means that she is a centrist (her actual beliefs are probably considerably further to the left) with zero appeal to moderates and independents.


Hitchens has a pretty decent lock on the Clintons as well.

Does anyone see a joint McCain-Obama ticket like I do? If Billary wins the Dem, McCain wins the Republican side, and offers Obama the Veep on a bipartisan ticket. Change, n'est ce pas?

gene berman

Whatever "crossover" potential Obama has had
(and, in a race in which everyone else is pretty objectionable for one reason or another, an "empty suit" looks damn good!), it's draining away fast as old caporegimes like Ted Kennedy get on board. His support probably costs Obama every undecided, Republican-leaning vote he was likely to get and a fair number of those leaning slightly his way.

It looks like the MSM is beginning to wake up to the fact that Clinton was never "their" man--they were simply his chumps. It's good that they all have different names--it's the only way he has of telling them from Monica.

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