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December 17, 2007



Thanks for further debasing the significance of the "I.Q.," as I remember quite well how obsessed I used to be about it too. It all began when my stupid AP Psychology teacher presented it to us back then (about 3 yrs ago) as not only a substantial, but a fairly accurate measure of intelligence. Having neither the courage nor the money (I would later learn that some places administer it for free) to take a formal I.Q. test, I resorted to taking the online ones and finally had my "intelligence" validated after getting the minimum score needed to gain entry into the highiqsociety ( They afterwards asked me to pay some money to become an "official" member, and well, that was the end of our relationship. I would credit time (maturity) and some Foreign Dispatches reading as the main catalysts for my increasingly growing disinterest in the whole "I.Q." crap.

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