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November 02, 2007


Account Deleted

Well, you have to admit, the cat is pretty cute.

BTW, I've been curious --- do you hire these models, or are they all friends of yours?


Nice garb, is that islamic?


"do you hire these models, or are they all friends of yours?"

No, no money changes hands. Usually they're actors or models looking to build their own portfolios, so both parties get something out of the arrangement. Sometimes I do just stop someone I see on the street and ask her if she'd serve as a model for me, though.

"Nice garb, is that islamic?"

Nope, just a shawl.


Yeah, your photographs are better, I agree. Nonetheless, this would sound a lot less like sour grapes if it were somehow else saying it on your behalf.


As long as I can stand behind my work without shame, it doesn't really bother me how others choose to interpret what I have to say about it.

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