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September 28, 2007



The unfortunate comment above about "nigga" is from a user at youtube with the screen name "jjpmorgan."

This user's profile indicates that the person's hometown is Shanghai, China.

I'd suggest you and others who quote the quote get your information straight. The guy can be a martian for all you know.


Yes, of course, all Koreans live in Korea, none could possibly live as far afield as Shanghai, let alone New York, London and so forth; the word "gyopo" means absolutely nothing to Koreans ...

You get your own assumptions straight before correcting others: one would have to be delusional to imagine any Chinese person would care enough about a sh*tty film like D-War to go calling anyone "nigga" for stating the obvious truth about the movie. It is 100% certain that this and the other abusive posts in response to the kid's video were by KOREANS, whether gyopos or otherwise - heck, I even recognize one or two who spend the rest of their free time injecting nationalist propaganda into Korea-related articles on Wikipedia (e.g., the one who calls him/herself "Melonbarmonster").


[The only idiot here is the person stupid enough to fling insults at me on my very own blog, and by the length and inanity of your tirade I can tell that you too are a thin-skinned gyopo who's made it his life's mission to patrol the internet looking for insults to Corean (or is that KKKorean?) pride. Piss off, loser. - A.L.]


It's funny - in a post pointing out how ridiculously thin-skinned Koreans are apt to reach for insults when they feel challenged for rational retorts to criticisms of their supposedly perfect country, it only took you your second post to sink to the level of the morons embarrassing the Daehanminguk on Youtube, splendidly verifying what I'd been saying: far too many Koreans are unable to tolerate any criticism from any foreign source whatsoever.

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