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September 25, 2007



Backpedaling forced - currently the last comment on the post you linked to;

"My point was never to defend Ahmadinejad nor cannonize him. My point, my only point (trying to use humor as a hook --- sheesh!) was that we should be thinking for ourselves and not simply buying whole hog the Bush Administration's smear campaign against Ahmadinejad --- the same smear campaign it has waged against others when it wants to silence their critique. We have, for instance, completely bought into the build up of fear around Iran --- a fear that feeds the Right wing agenda to keep the public docile, now that Iraq can no longer serve as the threat --- and that maybe we shouldn't be so passive.

It was a piece of political satire with a point. I appreciate those who read it as such.

by sallykohn on Tue Sep 25, 2007 at 05:46:32 AM PDT"


Yes, she *would* make such a claim, wouldn't she, in light of all the heat that's now coming her way. Still, even so, the fact that she can say Bush is waging a "smear campaign" against Ahmadinejad - as if the man wasn't doing a fine job of it on his own - quickly following it up with puffery about "the build up of fear around Iran", as if there were nothing for anyone to fear from that country, suffices to establish for me that she meant what she originally wrote: Sally Kohn is so far lost in Bush-hating that she's driven to defend and apologize for a man far worse than Bush will ever be.


Another dictactor, Chavez, is busy deconstructing his country and no one notices just because he makes 8 hour long anti-bush tirades, amazing!


If Castro's multi-decade demolition of the Cuban economy hasn't dampened the infatuation with him in the West, it's no surprise that the new kid on the block is enjoying rosy treatment, especially with the price of oil still so high: you see, dictators are only worthy of condemnation if they're right wingers like Augusto Pinochet, not noble "President of the People for Life" types like Castro, Chavez and co.


This is silly. If you want broadsides against any political faction you'd like, let me know. There are crazy people everywhere. Hoisting this one to prove something, however, is just silly. Yes, that dumb people agree with me is an annoying fact. No, I don't stand with dumb people. Easy enough to understand, for a smart person?


What's "silly" about the fact that "only" 35% of DKos voters think Ahmadinejad would make a better American president than Bush? What's "silly" about finding such lunatic views festering on far from obscure places like the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post?

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