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August 31, 2007



"at a purely intellectual level I understand the existence of such preferences"

Yes I feel the same way about straight people!

"can't see how this would appeal to anyone other than desperate closet-cases and those who are plain sick in the head"

I think a lot (most?) of them are indeed desperate closet-cases...


Doesn't it bother you, though? It bothers me that I can't really understand at a gut level something so large a number of people go in for: as the saying goes, "Homo sum, et nihil humanum a me alienum puto est." Obviously this isn't literally true - I can easily think of many aspects of the human condition I'd rather not know about - but when I read, say, Thomas Mann writing in "Death in Venice" about a "beautiful" youth, it detracts from the reading experience that I can't see how a young man could possibly be "beautiful" (truth be told, I find few things more irritating than teenagers, *especially* noisy, ill-mannered and very often extremely smelly teenage males).

For me, what is most appealing in women is precisely those qualities they* possess which we men lack - their "softness", their gentleness, their gracefulness - but in the modern, western gay world at least, the typically idealized partner - ultra-masculine, built like a tank and "straight" [sic] (i.e. fratboy) acting - is the very antithesis of all these qualities. Of course I understand why it wouldn't make much sense for someone interested in men to seek out an ersatz woman (explaining the unending laments of all the spurned "femmes" and "flamers") but what I don't get is what the thrill is in wanting more of what one very frequently already has: for example, what it is two extremely built guys would possibly see in each other?

*Admittedly, not all of them, especially not in the UK ...

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