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March 09, 2007



Interesting how you mention the US-Korean alliance is a bit of a compromise in the regard that the Koreans benefit from maintaining a decent military force and a competitive economy at the expense of US taxpayers. Bloggers like Marmot often bring up the point that the US-Korean alliance needs to be cut, mainly due to the constant stone-throwing by the Korean nationalists. It does tend to bruise the American belief that our support is creating a stronger ally in the East.

I find it ironic however that the stronger ally of the Americans, the Japanese, are currently under fire by American politicians due to the Korean comfort women hearings in congress. Abe and Aso could whip up a huge anti-American frenzy if they wanted to, but they and other Japanese policymakers prefer to keep their responses low-key.

Granted, I think the hearings are a waste of time on behalf of congressman Honda and his constituents, especially since America's current record in terms of human rights doesn't really give them the right to shake their fingers at Japan over events that happened over 60 years ago.

I guess it is all about ignoring the pain and focusing on the gain.

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