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February 12, 2007



They could go one step further and make sure that English teachers have a relevant qualification. The current system of allowing anyone with any kind of degree does not guarantee quality.


You mean actually looking for would-be teachers who have some training in *teaching?* What a radical suggestion!

I suspect that most of these ESL schools actually go out of their way to avoid such candidates, as they're less likely to be the pliable glorified entertainers Nova and company seem to want.


There are Japanese who are excellent at learning English, and quite a few who are motivated. It's just that the dippy wagamamas that you mention tend to drown out the studious ones. In fact, I've noticed a lot of my friends who are good at English don't even go to places like NOVA or GEOS. Hell, you can just find a reasonably friendly native English speaker from community center or college bulletin boards for a fraction of the cost, or no cost at all.

And you're spot-on about eikaiwas and other English-teaching organizations avoiding people who have teaching qualifications, or Japanese ability. I and other friends I know were rejected from the JET Program for that reason. Although Interac hired me because I actually had Japanese language ability, interestingly enough.

Hell, I've been able to get through with this job by being able to talk about things with either the school administrators, or other teachers by using Japanese when I need to.


There is such a cultural gap between the big cities and the rest of Japan. I cannot imagine something like this happening in Tokyo. Also, there is clearly a generational gap. My mother (in her fifties) admits to having a complex of the type you describe here, but I am certain that it weakens with younger generations. I think things are getting better in Japan

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