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February 26, 2007


gene berman

Somewhere, someone mentioned that they're hasslin' amateur photographers (in the UK) taking pictures in public places. Sounds nuts and sinister--until one sees such obvious descent into thinly-disguised pedo-porn.


Drats, my dastardly plan rumbled! Come Igor, let us flee the scene ...


Nice shots. I notice the girl's hand is casting a shadow on her face -- was this taken with the on-camera flash, or was the SB-800 not turned up (with the bounce card pulled)? Thanks for sharing.


Actually, I used the diffuser, with the flash head at an angle of 45 degrees or so. The shadow you see is mostly there because of the sunlight, as I was using ISO 400 and a relatively wide aperture at the time in order to conserve battery life.

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