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February 18, 2007




As a career consultant who tries hard to actually deliver value to clients (I think of myself as something more akin to an attorney or an accountant than a schlep coder, and accept a responsibility commesurate with that), I'm shocked that so few people understand the basic math behind functional programming. I suppose I shouldn't be - there are lots of monkeys out there writing database apps without understanding at least the basics of set theory, too, with predictable results.

It might be my perverse streak, but I really like using a functional approach to writing perl, which has to be the best all-things-to-all-people language ever, including the people who love to hate it. It is sort of the anti-lisp, which everyone claims to love, but nobody writes.

Back on topic, if I could get my clients to read that paper, I would be so much happier. I do have a few IT Dirs who understood that trade-school Java isn't the end all of coding, but more would make me happy.

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