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January 16, 2007



I get the impression that you probaly live in Japan. You know, I've been in Japan for almost a year, and when I stumbled upon this and then showed my Japanese friends, guys and girls, they all thought it was pretty funny. Are you Japanese? Or do you find this offensive because you somehow think you know what's best for their culture? They're grownups, man. They can handle themselves. By the way, you seem quick to make the comment that all Gaijin think that Japanese women will throw themselves at Americans, Canadians, etc. This isn't entirely untrue. But I have to ask, do you have a Japanese girlfriend? Were you hot shit back in your hometown before you came over here? It's obvious that you have a deep love for this country, but this country doesn't need you to fight it's battles.


Oh yeah, and I did check out the blog and that baby joke was hilarious. I don't know if you bothered with anything else on the site but your use of that particular post is a quick buzz cut short of bad michael moore propaganda. The rest of the blog is in no way as inflammatory as that post in question. Obviously the blogger wanted seem extreme by talking shit on a small child. It's like dead baby jokes. You wouldn't understand because it has become clear that you possess no sense of humor.


You're pathetic, posting here under a false name to defend your disgusting crap; I'd rather be without a "sense of humor" if the definition of the phrase is the peurile, racist nonsense you define it to be - since when is it just "seeming extreme" to say such disgusting rubbish about a todder? How depraved can you be to make excuses for calling a 1 or 2 year old child a "slut in training"?

As for your claims that your Japanese friends laughed at this rubbish, that just says you associate with the sort of low-class, tasteless "Jackass" adoring low-lifes who think spraying around expletives like "motherfucka" and making others humiliate themselves in a foreign language hilarious - if you do actually have any such Japanese friends, that is. But that's the beauty of the Internet, isn't it? Anyone can claim anything at all in anonymity and pass it off as evidence for this, that and the other.


[Worthless rantings deleted. I won't host the vomitings of turds like you on my site, "Mack": it's precisely the existence of brainless, mannerless roaches like yourself which provide fodder for "Gaijin Hanzai File" and other xenophobic claptrap. You are an embarrassment to our species - if we even are of the same species, as you seem to be a throwback to the Australopithecines.]

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