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December 22, 2006



But all I did was apply a little of that old-fashioned sceptical reasoning which certain individuals were so keen on telling me no longer had a place in science.

Oc{c,k}am got an eclectic razor, see, and the shortest distance between two paths became hyperbolic. Or, perhaps hyperbolic, one can't really know until we get there, right? cf. Strauss, Leo.

no doubt they shall soon latch unto some other development

I think they're getting off on Muslims at the moment, or alternately, in the US, Mexicans.

How is it possible for a supposedly rational person like Alex Tabarrok to patronize cranks like Randall Parker and Steve Sailer without sharing their ill-founded obsessions?

I think that goes a little too far. Tabarrok suffers from a classic disease - Economica Academia, which, by way of making one seek out and consume counterintuitive propositions that happen to have to do with real people, seems to cause credulousness to any dumb theory that (a) looks like it there's research behind it and (b) is contrarian enough to catch the eye. I think he's sharp, but is a little caught up in a "ohh, sparkley" approach to econ. But he isn't dumb. And Cowen isn't, either, even if he is a little myopic at times.


Gah, my HTML was stripped. Sorry that that reads poorly - I'll remember that.

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