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November 04, 2006



I very much identify with Mishima in the context for his desire, in the wake of their defeat and during their Westernization, to seek the unity of pen and sword. It was an extraordinary frustration to my upbringing in a Black Nationalist tradition to see the collapse of the realization and momentum while the rhetoric was still being spoken.

I saw in Mishima the longing for a complete discipline, one of honor and of beauty, one in which presence of mind and bearing were absolutely wed to a sense of nation, and of duty to it. That in the appreciation of the person, one could see the honor of the country - something a humiliated society refused to bear.

Now that I think of it in retrospect, his own suicide is reminiscent of the death of John Brown, another whose disappointment in his nation grew so complete as to put him on an inevitably deadly course.


my kindest regards to you (blog*s author). It seems that we use nearly the same design - I like the unpretentiousness and the blue-grey colour. I came to attention to your blog (and this article) by google alert.
The "about me" text is very short, at least I should like to know where you are living and which your main language is ...
Mine is German and I am living in Hannover /Germany, but Norwegian mother and very much interested in other cultures and languages ...
I named my blog with cultural subjects
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Kind regards again - Helge Mücke

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