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November 26, 2006



I agree. What is funny is that the wording is almost identical to the Japanese wording.

On a slightly different note, how can anyone expect an apology from someone that had nothing to do with such and such issue to be 'sincere'. If someone came to me expecting an apology for the crimes of my ancestors, even if they managed to get one, it certainly would not be sincere.


I agree. The notion that one should apologize for crimes one had nothing to do with is one I find bizarre, as if guilt for the sins of one's ancestors were passed down the line along with their genes. It's not as if the world is short of problems which need fixing in the here and now, that energy should be wasted on sorting out who needs to apologize "sincerely" for whatever happened decades ago.


Not only is this idea insane, it's blatantly racist in its assumption that just because of my skin color I'm somehow related or responsible for the actions of someone else. Why don't we take this silly concept to the nth degree and have all non-whites issue all whites a giant thank you for the medicines and vaccinations invented by white people. I didn't invent them but hey, I'm white, I saved your life!!!


Who mentioned skin color? You *do* realize that not all British citizens are white, and not all Africans are non-white, do you? You also completely ignore the fact that it is the same "white" [sic] nations which resist giving apologies for slavery which also demand war apologies from the non-white Japanese.

Perhaps you ought to work on your own racial issues before complaining about racism - demanding apologies from the British is not the same as demanding them from "white" people.

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