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November 01, 2006



Mag jou siel rus in vrede, PW.


Too bad souls don't exist, as if they did, your dear friend's soul would be on the speedway to the innermost circle of hell (and yours would no doubt follow one day).


Silly man -- of course I have a soul!

Of course, some would define today's South Africa as "the innermost circle of hell".


Yes, I'm told that's the definition preferred by worthless racist scum who think crime is only a problem when it happens to white people, and who persist in talking nonsense about how much "better" [sic] life was in the apartheid days of economic stagnation and massive state terror. Now fuck off and go indulge your racist masturbatory fantasies with other verkrampte bittereinders like yourself; I don't have time to waste on morons interested in peddling whitewashed rubbish about one of the most loathsome regimes of the 20th century.

Let me add that idiots like you are a perfect illustration of the addum that even a fool may be thought wise if he keeps his mouth shut. Going by your comments on The Marmot's Hole and The Asia Pages I already had good reason to consider you one of those pathetic white guys who like to see themselves as "victims" even while loudly screaming accusations of others playing the "race card" [sic], but I wouldn't have had the evidence to tag you for an outright racist had you not provided it here yourself; how surprising that you should turn out to be one of the egotistical, delusional emigre Afrikaner variety ... South Africa is better off with roaches like you abroad, where the worst you can do is inflict your endless bitching on the weary ears of other, uninterested expats.

Steve Edwards

I hear similar things from apologists for Ian Smith (although I doubt even Ian Smith was equal to the wholesale cruelty practised by Botha) - the "blecks" simply cannot run their own affairs, and need to be nannied along by their "benevolent" masters...notwithstanding the latter's penchant for deliberately sabotaging their educational progress while mouthing empty platitudes about "separate development". White exiles (from both countries) are happy to intone about the imperative of self-determination for THEM, which is all very well if we are prepared to ignore their flagrant hypocrisy.

To be fair, you can get the same rubbish out of the mouths of Muslims - forever whingeing and whining about the injustices of Palestine, and the need to "redress" this injustice by granting an Arab supermajority (hardly any of whom have ever set foot in Israel) the "right" to dissolve Israel democratically - the very same losers have no compunction about objectively supporting the wholesale slaughter of black Africans up and down the Sahel (Sudan being the preferred location) and their total disenfranchisement, while holding out the gradual "Islamisation" of the kufrs (a la Sadiq al-Mahdi) as some kind of "solution" to the very conflict THEY started.


While reading this post I started to think. How come we never see whites from South Africa on our television screens anymore? It seems that once the white regime in the country was dismantled the western press loss all interest in the place. A case of let the natives get on with it.

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