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November 15, 2006



Do you think Savage might be in the closet? He launches ludicrously over the top tirades about homosexuals and believes that they corrupt everything and yet he is described as being based in San Francisco which has a certain reputation. His wikipedia entry states that:

{Savage, then Michael Weiner, introduced himself to part of the literary scene in North Beach, San Francisco, California. He befriended and traveled with Beat generation poets Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Neoconservative scholar Stephen Schwartz, also an acquaintance of Savage from this time, reported that Savage once even posed naked in a photograph with Ginsberg while swimming in Hawaii and used the photograph as sort of a "calling card".}


Michael Savage is hilarious - he's the kind of person I wished politicians were like when I thought politics was as simple as baseball. And he's very much like the black and white world of opinion outside of people who read constantly.

Believe me, the world could sink to his level very quickly.


One *does* have to wonder how much of Savage's schtick is actually an attempt at overcompensation, seeing as Ginsberg was never exactly discrete about his sexual preferences ... but then again, Savage's rants about blacks, Hispanics, Asians, immigrants and women are also overflowing with the same crazed hatred, and it's a little much to suppose these are also efforts at compensation. I think Savage is just a loudmouthed nut with a lot of internal rage who's found convenient scapegoats to let out his frustrations on.


I don't think he's so hateful as paranoid and angry angry angry. I get the feeling he believes that our civilization has been betrayed. His rants are consistent from this perspective.


You give Savage too much credit. I read an article somewhere recently in which it was mentioned that the reason Savage started drifting rightwards in the 1970s from a leftist, Ginsberg-loving hippie stance was because he felt he that as a white man he wasn't getting the fame and fortune he deserved: Savage was the guy in Jesse Helms' "White Hands" video years before Helms' campaign thought it up.


"The radical homosexual agenda will not stop until religion is outlawed in this country."

Ironically, Elton John said recently, "From my point of view, I would ban religion completely." -

Perhaps we can get these two together. For some oiled-up Greco-Roman wrestling.


Sadly, Elton John seems to be rather typical of a certain sort of minority group "activist" who believes the way to advance his freedoms is by trampling on someone else's, which is why we have efforts at "hate speech" laws and other such inanities. The idea that liberty means permitting others to do things one takes a personal dislike to is one Michael Savage and Elton John do indeed share in common.

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