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August 17, 2006


Steve Edwards

Fascinating analysis - as a regular traveller to Asia, I too have noticed that the victims of paedophile-tourism are essentially invisible. I saw some of the worst vermin of the Western world walking hand in hand with their child "lovers", and if I wasn't so unsure of the legal system in a foreign country, I'd beat five shades of crap out of these cretins.

Steve Edwards

PS - Abiola, you might be onto something:,23599,20165818-2,00.html

Roman Conrad

After a month of war and terrorism Americans apparently have had enough and it's back to the regular fare. Yes it was a tragedy but thousands of children go missing in the U.S. every year never to be heard of again. The past couple of days this story has been wall to wall on CNN. The Holloway disappearance in Aruba has also received massive coverage. Would these cases have gotten the same coverage if these kids hadn't been blonde,cute and from well off families? Let's say they had been poor and black. But this Karr character is beyond creepy. He could just be a nutcase pedophile who wants his 5 minutes of fame. You're right about this vermin. I see them all over.
In Brasil, in Ghana, in Romania. Laws against this type of thing are ignored because it's become an international business with substantial payoffs.


Here's more reason to suspect this guy is just spouting a lot of nonsense.,8599,1228716,00.html

Apparently, telling outlandish lies isn't something new to Mr. Karr.

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