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August 19, 2006


Steve Edwards

It is certainly a great shame. I think the immediate death of Castro will serve many purposes other than simply freeing the Cuban people - not least deflating the worthless moral posturers who are prepared to endorse tyranny for others in return for "free healthcare".


What makes the Castro apologists use of Cuba's healthcare system as an excuse for almost half a century of tyranny, even more absurd is that the country's high standard of healthcare predates Castro by some considerable length of time.



I remember an old post by Brad DeLong along just such lines:

I quote:

["Thus I don't understand lefties who talk about the achievements of the Cuban Revolution: " have better health care, housing, education, and general social relations than virtually all other comparably developed countries." Yes, Cuba today has a GDP per capita level roughly that of--is "comparably developed"--Bolivia or Honduras or Zimbabwe, but given where Cuba was in 1957 we ought to be talking about how it is as developed as Italy or Spain."]

The protests of shock and discomfort from his readers were quite amusing in their intensity: surely it *had* to be true that Batista was a no-good exploitative thug from whose incompetent clutches the exploited Cuban masses were lucky to be delivered ... In any case, as for the *quality* of the "free healthcare" lauded by Castro apologists, take a look at this:

Let's just say the Cuban people get what they pay for.

Steve Edwards

Thank you for that De Long link, Abiola, very illuminating. And who was the first cab off the rank in that thread? Why, none other than "dsquared" himself!

Steve Edwards

Gosh, that thread is remarkable! The only thing which surprises me is that more people aren't willing to volunteer for the right to experience Cuba's magificent health care - why don't they put somebody else's money where their mouth is and sign up for a little health tourism themselves? :)


I've come across the Delong article before whilst googling for information on Cuba before Castro. Before I first read it I hadn't realised how developed Cuba had been. Another article on what Cuba was like pre-Castro- -reveals the following:

{Towards the end of the 50s, the island had the lowest infant mortality rate of Latin America, with 3.76 ...... as per data provided by the World Health Organization.}

Cuba's current infant mortality rate is 6.33.

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