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July 31, 2006



Traditionally aren't you supposed to put "Not Work Safe" reminder on those kind of links, for those of us who are innocent and assume that "Blacksonblondes" is to do with hairdressing or something?


I didn't know such pure souls still remained in this world of ours! Actually, I thought the "sexual relief" bit was a pretty good giveaway.

Won Joon Choe

I agree with Ross. I thought it was going to be a parody site or something, and it flashed, um, gargantuan penises :(

Well, on the bright side, now I have both TypePad and Blogspot accounts in case if I ever start Bloging on my own (probably unlikely, given that I am a slow and careless writer).

Scott Wickstein

Well I'm the laziest sod ever but you've finally made me get a Typepad aaccount.

I feel smart now that I realise that I spotted that Abiola's link was NSFW straight away though.

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