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June 07, 2006



It is pretty hard for me to figure out how exactly the Japanese see Jackson. In America there is never a news report about him that doesn't mention the fact that he was suspected of child molestation. When he was visiting Japan last week, I saw updates on him several times, and none of them mentioned his child molestation. Maybe the Japanese don't care? The SMAP members probably respect him greatly for the music he has made, but do they think he molests kids?


Subarashi! The world hasnt seen the last of Jacko. BTW Is Jackson style child molestation that much of a concept in Japan at all? I mean - look at all the grown guys ogling 9 year old pinups!
But this was bloody funny anyhow: I mean the reaction of SMAP. Those guys are really quirky. Japanese humor is something else. It is unfortunate that they keep doing the "peace" thing tho.

In other news, Nancy Grace goes apoplectic, and Tom Sneddon kills himself.

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