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June 04, 2006


Scott Wickstein

Ah, it was a very lucky draw for us Aussies though. The ref was definately on our side, missing a blatant handball that would have led to a Dutch penalty on the 30th minute. Also, the Australian goal came from a penalty, which was promptly missed (thanks for nothing, Mark Viduka), and we were lucky to get a good rebound.

In addition, Australia were probably lucky to not go down to 9 men. Our tackling was, well, vigourous.

We were totally outplayed in the first half, although we played quite well in patches in the second. And without "Iron" Mark Schwartzer in goal, we'd have been royally stuffed.

Ivory Coast had another good win today; they are a good result today and I think they are the team most likely to cause some real surprises. If Argentina don't get through, that would suit me fine. Ghana might do okay as well. But a realistic Australian hopes we get a good result against Japan, and be happy with that.


I think you're right about Ghana - they've just taught the overconfident Koreans a lesson about what things really look like without home-court advantage and dodgy refereeing.


Scott, you are right about this game, but still a tad pessimistic. A respectable ratings system ( [FIFA's is rubbish] puts nothing between Croatia, Japan and Australia. What they lack in World Cup experience is probably matched by having Hiddink as coach.

Australia's midfield and attack is probably the second best in the group, their defence the worst (we know it is worse than Croatia because the Croatian defence has players who (c/sh/w)ould be playing for Australia). But it is the same as the Uruguay games, if the defence (and the luck) holds, they will make the second round. On form you'd favour Australia (soccernet does too, but that might be English league jingoism). We will know soon enough. Because it is Australia it wouldn't surprise me if they beat Japan, draw with Brazil and lose to Croatia.

Steve Edwards

I got the same impression as Scott. We were thoroughly outplayed and deserved to go down by a couple of goals.

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