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May 11, 2006


Frank McGahon

The reason the stamp denotes tramp more so than any other forms of tattoo is that the woman herself can't see it, thus is it is presumably for the sole purpose of providing visual amusement for the person who happens to be standing behind her while she's bent over and the base of her back is exposed. Given that there are only a few circumstances whereby a person would find themselves in that position, the vast majority of which involve "lovemaking" from behind, it is reasonable to assume the woman plans to engage in such a carnal pursuit sufficiently frequently and with a certain turnover of partners (presumably one would get bored with the tattoo eventually) that it's worth investing in this additional decoration, justifying the soubriquet "tramp"


I had gone through my entire life without knowing there was a term for those sort of tattoos, then today I learn two phrases, Tramp Stamp and a phrase from this month's Viz- Arse Antlers. Obviously the latter term only appolies if the tattoo is a particular shape, such as a pair of wings or something.


"can't figure out why people would voluntarily mutilate themselves to make a fashion statement"

But it's not just a fashion statement. Plenty people have tattoos for personal and aesthetic reasons in places which are not exposed to the general public. One of my ex's has like ten of them, including, yes, one on her back (though a bit higher) but if you'd run into her on the street or even spent time hanging out with her you'd never know. She just likes having them and/or they symbolize something important to her.

Totally agree with the chinese character thing, and the butterfly and all that though. Basically is not problem with tattoos. The problem is with stupid people getting stupid tattoos.

Scott Wickstein

I'm not really in a position to be choosy with the ladies, but the appearance of 'tramp stamp' (learn something new every day) is enough to make me want to move along.

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