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May 09, 2006


Julian Elson

I don't mind. If the ratio of effort of deciphering and copying the CAPTCHA to the effort of writing the comment is high enough that people are dissuaded from commenting, then I would say that the comment probably isn't all that worthwhile anyway. Back in the olden days, when I was a backwards-compatibility-in-HTML obsessed type, I would have said that the problem with this system is that it prevents people who use Lynx from commenting, but really, that just isn't credible anymore.

However, it might not be effective. Ezra Klein implemented this system, and has continued to have spam problems (Some have claimed that spammers set up pornographic websites, and then port image from sites they want to spam to their porn sites, and have people decipher the CAPTCHA images to get to the porn -- clever tactic, if true.).


Blogspot's "word verification" feature pretty much solved all my comment spam problems (though my blog has both fewer posts and fewer visitors so it's probably less of a target).

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