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May 19, 2006



[...She's rather more the "innocent baby sister" type, wouldn't you agree?...]

Bah! Not while theres a booming market for Saaya Irie. Innocence is overrated and undersold.


What I really don't get about the odd search request I picked up on is that Aya Ueto's talent company has been *very* careful about keeping her image squeaky clean and as far away as possible from the gravure/Morning-Musume niche carved out by so many other "idoru" - that's why she rakes in the endorsement megabucks - so where exactly does the stimulus come from here? Anyone looking for skinshots or lurid gossip about her private life is going to be in for a long, frustrating and ultimately fruitless search ...

Scott Wickstein

She's 20??

Barely looks 14. Or am I getting old? Yeah, that too.


Nah, dude, old dufferdom's got nothing to do with it. Wait until you see her on video.

That's the end sequence to her currently airing TV drama.

Scott Wickstein

Cor blimey!

All your air hostesses are belong to us, and then some! Still looks 14 though!

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