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April 30, 2006



The link doesn't work, at least not on my computer.


Looks like it's been pulled due to the Fark traffic. I've updated the post with a link to another copy of the article.


I'd have to give him a D in Freshman Composition. No major grammatical errors, but serious flaws in logic. More importantly, he makes no attempt to prove any of his assertions. No specific examples, no data, no facts of any kind.

MLK has a holiday, so everything has gone to hell. And Kwanzaa supporters are taking over the country. No matter that Kwanzaa isn't celebrated even by a majority of black Americans (everyone I know thinks it's silly).

No matter that MLK based his movement squarely within the Western tradition - his rhetoric and program derived from the dissent of his Protestant namesake, the ideas of the American Revolution, the Enlightenment philosophers of Europe, and the granddaddy of all Western traditions, Christianity and its bible.

This O'Donnell character is just plain ignorant. Are right wingers really this dumb?


It was precisely the boilerplate KKK rant about Martin Luther King's infidelities which told me that what was driving this nut wasn't "multiculturalism" but racism; add in the bit about "European Jews" supposedly pushing an "ethnic and anti-Christian agenda" and one has all the ingredients needed to grasp where he's really coming from.

As far as I'm concerned, what's interesting about Stojgniev O’Donnell isn't anything he has to say, but that he's so lacking in rhetorical skill or intelligence that he's made a complete hash of prettifying what others of like mind can plausibly palm off as respectable thinking.


A very interesting rant from a racist. I myself have an aversion for "multiculturalism", but mainly because of its adaptation as an absolute value by the left. In my post-graduate studies I've had to immerse myself in enough French Marxist deconstruction theory to understand that multiculturalism was never meant to be an absolute value.

As a Finnish-American, however, I do see a parallel with Stojgniev O’Donnell's use of rhetoric and that of a lot of, - for want of a better way to describe it - post-Soviet Slavic frustration. It seems to me that his attitude is not that far off from those in Russia who condone skinhead violence against African visitors and immigrants. O'Donnell's repeated use of the term "dialectic", and the references to MLK and Jews, speaks of someone acquainted with Slavic (especially Russian and Serbian) arguments, though I dare say the references to MLK seem more like a pathetic attempt to appeal to American bigotry.

I suppose it might be illuminating to know more about him and his background, but I can't summon enough interest. In the fifth year after 9/11, we've already seen and heard enough of people of convictions. It's more interesting to hear assessments from unbiased thinkers as to what will arise from these newly entrenched convictions, - in this aspect, O'Donnell is quite behind the times, as he seems to think emotions are still raw enough to accommodate his kind of spleen.


[ openly wear strange clothes, follow strange religions, eat strange-smelling foods and speak strange languages right before their eyes...]

Or claim that "they" discovered something before "we" did. Michael Savage informs us, on occasion, that he knows the Chinese discovered gun powder, but points out that they never took it beyond fireworks.


ah, michael savage. what a douchebag.


Multiculturalism is a belief system. We lowly humans need these. When blacks, Jews and gays were being heavily persecuted in America, unfortunately the cultural response was the PC movement, which demanded that token minority groups appear here and there in entertainment or public office or worse that these groups be stereotyped and pigeon-holed a la Will & Grace.

No one thought of simply talking to these different groups in a rational way to learn their needs and concerns.

So our ineffective strategy hasn't worked that well, but it's led middle- and upper-class white America to think that progress is being made; perhaps slowly it's happening.

The atrocity is when this attitude goes so far that people defend their own laziness or violence with the shield of multiculturalism. Worse, sometimes the Leftist media sugar-coats these events and the Rightist media just doesn't touch it. This is the reason why the NY Times didn't mention that the Road Rage Jihadist of Chapell Hill, NC intended to kill as many people as possible with his rented SUV to gain revenge for Islam. It's also why Americans know nothing about post-Nelson Mandela South Africa, where the black govenment has basically putrefied the existing educational system, law enforcement and infrastructure; because the current South African government is black, the Western Media can't point out the fact that they're also corrupt and incompetent.

As French women are assaulted in public by North African men, it'd be deemed insensitive for them to call attention to the predominantly Muslim violence. When Parisian Muslims kidnap and torture a Jewish man for three weeks, resulting in his death, you'd think that they'd get their multiculti wires crossed and not know which minority to defend. Alas in their limited wisdom, they of course side with the caustic people who will threaten them if they show any criticism of them; i.e. the Muslims.

The American problem has given the rise to a 'Be' culture as opposed to a 'Do' culture. The 'Doers' are the ones who have the initiative and the brains to change their lives, be they black, white or purple. 'Be-ers' have been coaxed into thinking that they are good enough as they are and that things should be given to them based on their sexual orientation or their ethnicity. By being able to simply Be as opposed to being expected to Do, we've created a class of Americans who complain of racial problems from their comfortable suburban homes, white rich kids content to spout off encomia of failed Communist leaders and hysteria over shaky data regarding climate change, while real issues of poverty, violence and discrimination that cross race and sexual orientation lines go unnoticed.

Not all, but much of this could be avoided by simply teaching children basic household finances, helping them research which jobs will be in demand when they graduate and, most importantly, assuring them that people are all equally rotten regardless of race, creed or religion. America is indeed flawed, but it's as close to a meritocracy as human may have ever come. So where there is plenty of room for improvement, it can only be done constructively by competent Doers. Those who choose to Be are needless distractions incarnate.

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