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April 10, 2006



Go to hell. I'll say what I please on my own property.


East Asian attitudes on race. Exhibit B: Japan. (PS: This seemed like the most appropriate thread).
From a witty poster at Japundit:

linking to


This kind of thing is all too common in all East Asian countries; what makes Korea (and mainland China) stand out is the sheer intensity of it. Some of the things I've heard about what black people experience in Korea simply defy belief, e.g. routinely having people make chimp-like sounds as they pass you by, newly arrived ESL teachers abandoned at the airport as soon as their employers find out they're black, or passengers on the subway pointing at one's pregnant wife and loudly exclaiming to their families that they wonder what nasty ape will come out of her belly. Compared to the tales of mistreatment I hear about Korea, stuff like this moronic guide or the Bob Sapps and Bobby Ologuns on TV are small potatoes. Take the following anecdote, for instance:

Renting discrimination against foreigners is common in Japan as well, but at least blacks aren't singled out for the "gaijin" treatment as far as I've heard.

It doesn't help Korea's image in my mind either that one all too often runs across Korean commenters online like the following idiot
(some of the apologists for Korean racism on there are great for a hearty laugh, by the way)

or that of another stupid specimen whose rantings you read and responded to on here a while back.

The truly infuriating thing about all this nonsense is that outside of the Muslim world no nationality seems to be quicker to rage about real or (nowadays mostly) imagined slights to their country than Koreans are, working themselves into a frenzy over mythical claims about "Corea vs. Korea" or forming nutty lobby groups like VANK to monitor all sorts of petty things no sane person should care about, and then fuming about the anti-Korean "racism" of, say, mapmakers who dare label the patch of water next to them as the Sea of Japan. Koreans' intense prejudices would be that much easier to ignore if they weren't constantly working themselves into fits about the supposed prejudices of others.

PS: Reading the following puts things into perspective.

It's hard to muster up much outrage about a bunch of cartoons by comparison - it'll be real progress for Korea to come far enough that the only such things are the only issues one can find to complain about.


Hey Abiola,
I've been without my computer and moving around the last few months so I've missed a bit I see. I'll tell you this, I'm definitely reconsidering putting in the time to learn Korean. About a year ago I was pretty much pro-Korea but their intense racism has really put me off.
Oh yeah I know the Chinese Japanese and other Asians are pretty lame when it comes to respecting people who are not white or thier own nationality; However It's pretty bad that Koreans are so ass backwards( while playing the victim role) that they make the ridiculous amounts of anti-black racism in other parts of asia seem harmless.


[... Compared to the tales of mistreatment I hear about Korea, stuff like this moronic guide or the Bob Sapps and Bobby Ologuns on TV are small potatoes...]

Only too true, which makes it chilling in perspective. How this state of affairs came about becomes a greater object of interest since most blacks that Koreans were originally exposed to were the military kind: Doesnt sound like the type of person you pratice racism on.


I don't think anything any black people have ever done in Korea has something to do with it: most Koreans of any generation have probably never been in the vicinity of a single black person in their entire lives.

No, Korean racial attitudes are merely another manifestation of the same inferiority complex which gives rise to an overcompensating emphasis on trying to "prove" that Korea is or soon will be "number 1" in everything and a victim of a conspiracy if such hopes aren't met. A people secure in their self-image wouldn't be engaging in tantrums over a worthless rock they've controlled for more than 50 years, they wouldn't be given to venomous treatment of foreign troops stationed in their country to protect them, they wouldn't lay themselves open to deception by a researcher who seemed perched to gain them a "Korean" Nobel Prize, they wouldn't demean the sporting achievements of their athletes by juvenile displays of nationalist gloating at the World Cup or the World Baseball Championships, they wouldn't insist on cultivating extreme resentment in their young for a colonial era which ended more than 60 years ago, and they wouldn't need to "prove" the racial superiority of "uri minjok" by routinely likening black people to apes. All these things are part and parcel of the same problem.


Here's the latest bit of insensitive Nazism in a commercial for Coreana - a Korean skincare company -

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