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April 28, 2006



I saw this yesterday and I went "Wha?????" Gawd! Some folks are incredibly dumb! Games arent about "We" its about "Me" kicking Ass. Someone else's ass, preferably. This is a dumb, stupid marketing decision - and it shows Nintendo execs have started overreaching philosophically. The name sounds downright disgusting and Pokemony. And I was looking forward to Revolutions too - with the new stick and everything. Ah well...


As bad names go it still has to surpass the standards set by the car industry-


Looks like you beat me to it!


Meanwhile, in the land of the sane, Nintendo is being rightly blasted for its stupid choice.

PS: The comments at Joystiq are hilarious - and yes, the name has been indelibly linked to Wee Wee.

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