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March 29, 2006



Some years ago, I met an American who worked in Japan via JET. So we got to talking about Americans in Japan etc - and then the person goes something like "Gaddem Canadians" - and I was like "what...?" It turned out that during the person's whole time in Japan (which consisted of several encounters with Canadians), the Canadians would get drunk and obnoxious and then proceed to rollick down the streets yelling "We are Americans". We talked about this for quite a bit and concluded that it probably was the "kid brother syndrome" at work.
Prolly much the same works in Korea...though pretty much the same set of Carleton's scumish characteristics apply to a whole bunch of Europeans - and here I am thinking of a certain country where students are currently insisting that they arent "young flesh for the boss": Though I doubt that people from *that* country are excluded. They are cultured, you see.

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