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February 13, 2006



It's rather pathetic that some Koreans like "wonderboys" are unable to accept the fact that racism exists in South Korea so they have to resort to weak comebacks in which they seek deflect attention from the issue by accusing others of racism. I'm sick of how some Koreans always complain about Japan, but then conveniently ignore the fact that they became mercenaries for the United States in the Vietnam War and committed numerous atrocities against unarmed Vietnamese villagers.

Jamie Rory

We are getting married in Korea in a traditional marriage. I am Canadian and she is Korea. It is a big deal and hopefully will help to change some of the perceptions in the country. We are blogging about the experience at and our latest post is about racism in Korea. Keep the debate going. It is the only way that things will ever change.

Account Deleted

These attitudes exist in ALL parts of society. The are handed down from one generation to another. Personally, I admire people who think for themselves regardless of society or family influence. I teach at an elementary school in Korea and I find Korean childrens attitudes towards children of 'mixed' parentage or children from other Asian countries quite shocking. Kids discriminating kids. Geez, I wonder where they get their attitudes from!!!

I have taught my kids a lesson on cultural stereo types and shown them both positive and negative images of people of different colour. I also teach them not to laugh at each other if their pronunciation isn't quite spot on. French people speak English with an French accent and everybody thinks it's sexy. I don't care about your accent as long as your speech is coherent! I don't give my students English names because they already have names! If people can pronounce Russian, Scottish or whatever, then surely you can try to pronounce a Korean name.

Apart from the constant staring(which is extremely annoying. sometimes i want to gorge someone's eyes out), touching of my hair (ever heard of personal space) and other rude behaviour, the Korean people I have met, have been very polite and respectful. Finally, I'm black and I have dated a Korean guy. The relationship only dissolved because of distant issues and also because he wanted to carry on with his bad- boy persona. Personally, I find that second generation Koreans from other countries be it the US, Australia, Canada or wherever, tend to be more rude and exude a superiority complex far greater than that of born and bred Korean folk.

As for the 'black issue', I think we'll all be wise to learn something from Sarah Kim and Jonathan Kim.(scroll up) They summed up my arguments quite perfectly!

Moral of the story, "treat others as you would like them to treat you," we are all human beings after all!

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