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February 22, 2006



I think you are wrong.

You say:
"and leave the determination of the "correct" interpretation of history to academics and intellectuals,"
but that is not where the battle will be fought out, it will be fought out on the streets. Whenever these views get an airing there is an increase in racial attacks or the desecration of graveyards.

It is precisely these laws that have forced right wing parties to stop being outright racist in their language and has forced them to suppress or expel the more extreme elements of their support.


"It is precisely these laws that have forced right wing parties to stop being outright racist in their language and has forced them to suppress or expel the more extreme elements of their support"

You could not be more wrong. Austria is the country in which Jorg Haider is a provincial governor and his FPO party was (is?) in the ruling coalition, while in France and Germany, both of which have their own holocaust denial laws, extreme right politicians enjoy a level of success unheard of in modern times in America, Britain or Canada. Holocaust denial laws solve absolutely nothing, and if extremism is what you're concerned about, you'd be better off pushing for changes to the electoral system (First Past the Post shuts out extremists best) than supporting laws muzzling freedom of opinion.


who says that David Irving has been imprisoned? I have done detailed research in the subject and found no evidence that anything of the sort has ever happened. In fact it is impossible that this could be the case as there are no prisons in Austria of the kind that could hold Irving. etc etc.


"David Irving is a worthless human being, and in a karmic sense one can't help feeling that his being in jail seems like the working of divine justice"

Yeah, in fact one can't help feeling the same way about the execrable Islamic Holocaust denier, Daniel Davies. Mr. Dsquared's intellectual progeny - the next generation of irredeemable Marxists - may actually hold views identical to those of David Irving.

Abiola, sorry about the FreeRepublic-style rhetoric.

"let me take this opportunity to note something elided by many apologists for censorship of opinions Muslims don't like: Austria may have Holocaust denial legislation on its books, but Denmark does not .."

Yep, this and the other retarded contention coming from certain Muslim quarters that JP shouldn't have published those cartoons because they refused to publish derogatory cartoons of Jesus a while ago. Err, so what ? Is equal opportunity vilification now mandated by the law ? Perhaps legislators should pass a law for that so that we may finally get to see a "Piss Mohammed."

Al Parker

David Irving is a world-class war Historian and now, political prisoner. Shame on Austria for imprisoning people for expressing their opinions. It's like we're back in the Dark Ages and people are being charged for heresy.
And Americans should be warned -- The Jewish-Zionist special interests groups that have succeeded in getting these 'hate speech' laws passed in Europe & Canada are working overtime to get them on the books here, as well.


Someone clearly never bothered to read my commenting guidelines! "Al", go find somewhere else to spew your antisemitic conspiracy offal: David Irving is a lying, racist, Jew-hating piece of shit, and if being a pathetic excuse for a human being were a crime he'd deserve to be on death row. I defend this brown-shirted turd *in spite* of his low, dishonest, hate-filled character, not because of it - even scum like Irving must be allowed to tell their lies.

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