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January 25, 2006



I think you're a bit hard on Sapp; he does at least have in his favour that he is genuinely one of the best in the world at what he does. He doesn't owe his celebrity purely to stereotypes; his "Monster" act would not go over anything like as well if he regularly got his arse kicked.


Have you seen the guy at the zoo, munching bananas while repeatedly referring to himself as "the Beast" and calling the caged monkeys his "brothers?" Winning fights doesn't set him apart from Ologun either - the latter's also won his K1 bouts to date.

In any case, regardless of what Sapp has or has not accomplished in the ring, his shameful record on TV programs and advertisements is so extensive that it would be enough to condemn him outright unless he were Martin Luther King reincarnated or something.


Now finally this is beginning to make some kind of sense - these guys are professional atheletes. They are entertainers. Whores. That's the only explanation I can think of.


I see someone added Bobby Ologun to a \"List of Famous Yoruba\" section in the Wikipedia entry on the Yoruba: I dont see what the point of such sections are: and it seems extremely dubious to have Ologun\'s name on an already dubious list.

[\'s only a matter of time before some other money-hungry idiot steps forward to occupy the shoes of Sapp and Ologun by pandering to the same old tired racial stereotypes...]

Oh, I\'d say the market for this is going to die down very soon in Japan: The number of persons of African descent migrating to Japan surely should mitigate the viability of these stereotypes. If anything, seeming unsophisticated should put a lot of folks off.


"If anything, seeming unsophisticated should put a lot of folks off."

Sure - snobbery is a much more reliable enforcement mechanism than any sense of decency could ever be. Demand reduction is the key, since there will always be an endless supply of people willing ot prostitute themselves as long as there is a market for it. Shame on Ologun and shame on the Japanese.


Hmmm. Maybe, Bobby is not done yet. 僕はファンです。Just kidding.


しまった! Will no one rid us of this tiresome fool? むかつく!

The only plausible explanation for this remarkable rapprochement in such a short time period - so remarkable the press clearly isn't buying it - is that the "Bobby Ologun" gravy train is simply too lucrative for both him and his handlers to give up even if it means overlooking a few blows traded in the 事務所 now and then, but one wonders if advertisers will be quite so ready to overlook the controversy as Bobby's handlers seem to be - one can only hope they aren't ...

In any case, Ologun's performance on camera immediately after his emergence from the police station ought to have put to rest once and for all any doubts Japanese viewers might have had about the fraudulent nature of the 片言の日本語 he likes to put on for the camera, so even if the advertisers don't avoid him as if he were rotting fish, the bursting of the illusion of the "big dumb negro who can't speak Japanese" ought to be more than enough to rob him of a large portion of his appeal to date. I'd liken it to Americans discovering that William Hung could actually sing and dance as if he were a young Michael Jackson - he'd no longer be the "cute", naive bumbler could enjoy being patronizing towards.

PS: I found the following passage hilarious.


The open disdain revealed for Ologun in this sentence is thoroughly deserved: why bother to keep lying about your age when the reality of the matter has been so incontrovertibly established?

Ariane Tulloch

I just saw a clip with him in it and I couldn't believe he was speaking. Sounded like baboonesque grunting punctuated by the laughter of the hosts.

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