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January 07, 2006


Scott Wickstein

"If this isn't enough to pique your interest in Ms. Shiina, you're probably just a hopeless case who doesn't have an ear for music anyway ..."

Guilty as charged, your honour. Agreed that she's up there in the babe stakes, but modern music just doesn't do it for me.


Yeah the last one made my teeth fall out but Shiina ringo was super fresh. I just saw the first video but I might already be a new fan. At first I thought you were a little hard on the other east asian countries' musically trends and styles and how weak the were compared to japan's musical culture, but when I saw Shiina Ringo I had to agree.It's bands and artists like her that remind my why japan's artistic and pop culture is so vibrant and interesting. I definitely have to learn Japanese.

I do think that China and Taiwan's rock scene improving allot though still a bit too sappy and imitative for my taste. One niche that I think the chinese have an advantage in is the midwest extremely fast and fluid hipho - rnb flow(think Bone Thugs and Harmony Twista Dose One etc) . Jay Chou/ Zhou Jielun is especially good good at this style. He's definitely someone I'd recommend that isn't just a cookie cutter pretty boy.


Yeah, I guess you're right about Jay Chou, as I've been hearing good things about him for some time. What in his output do you recommend I start with?


Some of my favorite songs of his are Waipo( Grandma),Longchuan feng(Tornado), Jiangjun(General) Jie Kou(excuses) and Yequ(Nocturne) Of course his stuff isn't really deep by our standards but he's a welcome change from what the bland commercial image I had of chinese music.


Hmm the only one I've listened to is Dir en Grey, and while the music was ok, I found the vocal delivery to be a bit crap. Actually I've found that alot of Japanese rock music to be like that. Hmm..


"China and Taiwan's rock scene"

Pop is one thing and rock is something completely, completely, completely else. Lots of countries can produce good pop, but for decent rock a musical culture has to appreciate *both* blues and CW or some other variant of Celtic music. In China the tradition of erhu music is so Celtic-sounding that it'll serve, but somehow blues gets no traction. You need both or what you get is vapid high-energy derivative stuff - maybe pleasant, maybe not, but never with much substance.


Hmm, you're mainly focused on the pop scene it would seem, except for Dir en Grey. I'm personally pretty biased against anything Visual Kei. Japan's indie rock and punk scenes have a lot to offer - some bands to check out would include the pillows, PENPALS, Syrup16g, SUPERCAR, Young Punch, Noodles, and others. A rather decent pop band is Waffles.

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