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December 09, 2005



the only circumstance in which I could see this being a worthwhile thing to do was if all your mates were really into the game and you weren't (if I was an economics bore I would start talking about network externalities here and write a popular science bestseller). Even then it would probably be better in the long run to get new mates.


Everybody gets their kicks out of their games differently. Some people enjoy building a character (or a civilization, or whatever) from the beginning, taking it through all its painful teething stages. Others ... just want to enjoy the godlike power of the final result. As long as they can afford it, I don't see anything wrong with it.


The value is that they get some gillies to beat the bushes and carry the weapons until the the hunt becomes fun, in this case, when the more interesting higher levels are reached. This is a new version of something fairly traditional.


"Everybody gets their kicks out of their games differently."

Yeah, but some means of getting kicks are lamer than others - paying someone else to play your *game* for you is the height of lameness.

"Others ... just want to enjoy the godlike power of the final result."

Which makes them sad, sad excuses for human beings. What "godlike power" is there really to be had in an online simulation, for goodness' sake? One might as well talk of a horny guy's "godlike power" over his blow-up sex doll.

"As long as they can afford it, I don't see anything wrong with it."

Nothing whatsoever - other than potentially spoiling the whole experience for those decent souls naive enough to think their opponents retained enough sportsmanship to be willing to compete fairly. Would you be so quick to endorse this sort of thing if we were talking about, say, some rich bugger hiring Colin Montgomerie or Andre Agassi to be his partner in an amateur golf or tennis competition you were participating in for fun?


Nobody has a right to a completely fair and Eden-like existence when dealing with their fellow human beings.

And I applaud the entrepeneurialism of the people who use this as a great opportunity to transfer money from those who don't need it that much, to those who do.

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