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December 28, 2005


Laurence Caromba

Completely agree about BSG. I'm currently halfway through the first season, and completely hooked. You're also right the way it shows up the deficiences of Star Trek: I keep thinking the same thing myself. BSG creates a believable impression of military forces in space, something that Star Trek tried to do and failed miserably. One example that comes to mind: when Adama needs people to do some infantry combat (as in the prison riot episode), he sends in the marines. He doesn't "beam aboard" the enemy ship with nothing but his phaser and trusty android sidekick. That's something that always bugged me about Star Trek - why the heck do the senior officers go on away missions? What are the other 200 people on the ship for, if not this sort of grunt work?

Finally, from a libertarian perspective, I guess there's something to say for the fact that Battlestar Galactica lacks Star Trek's irritating sympathy for socialism.


"how long will Ron Moore be able to keep Battlestar Galactica from falling into the storytelling abyss that eventually plagues any American show which stays on the air for long enough?"

I'm more worried about Moore being distracted by the two shows he's taken on in addition to "Galactica."

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