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December 07, 2005


Sebastian Holsclaw

If it pans out, this is just the kind of social and political change Nigeria needs. The first step in the transformation of a kelptocratic state is dealing with high-level corrupt government actors.


I will keep my cynics hat on. When the Governor return to Bayelsa, he returned to a triumphant welcome, praising God for his deliverance and feted by thousands.

The immunity clause bars him from prosecution and the matter of his impeachment will depend on which side has access to the larger number of "Ghana Must Go" bags.

The chances of his removal through legal means are non existent. The political machinery needed to bring him down will definitely be whetted with lots of dollars.


I can't help but think Diepreye Alamieyeseigha did something really wrong. I mean Joshua Dariye of Plateau state did manage to escape from the UK without much fuss. The trial of Alamieyeseigha will however make Nigerians look closer to Dariye’s situation. Finally, we are fighting corruption on one front at least.


Impeached and arrested:

I wonder what is going to come of this.

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