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December 17, 2005



Sad thing is, even the pro-market, European liberal type newspapers in Poland are pretty gleeful about it. Also from what I'm reading Angela Markel didn't impress either.

But hey, Blair got France to promise to reform the CAP after 2013, unless they feel like vetoing that idea.


Actually, Blair messed this one up really good. He offered no concession on the British 'rebate', and proposed instead that the EU cut its development subsidies to the Eastern European nation. That was totally unacceptable to these nations.

France and Germany, of course, jumped on this proposal and denounced the UK as a selfish nation, only interested in keeping its money and not helping its poorer neighbours. Which created a surprising alliance between them and the Poles, Czech, Hungarian, etc.

If he had offered a modest raise in development subsidies, a strong lowering of the CAP and promised to re-negotiate the UK rebate RS (Real Soon), Blair would have got the Eastern European on his side, and the outcome would have been very different.

Hubris. Or stupidity. Either way, Tony B. has discovered he can't control other European nations like he controls the UK.

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