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November 15, 2005



A fundamental right to culture? Egad - what the hell is that?

I can just imagine some inner city kid moaning about a fundamental right to "bling".
I saw something on Marginal Revolution a while back (in any case, I believe it was MR): i.e. the idea that Governments do tend to expand with time. It is citizens like these disgraceful ladies who are responsible for much of that nonsense: Give the State an inch in one area, and it'll take a mile in another.
All the half baked ideas that are currently killing African economies are the results of nonsense such as this imported wholesale from Europe: I mean, look at the recent UNESCO vote that actually permits States to promote a certain thing called "our culture" at the expense of something called "not our culture".
Citizens who continue to request that the State act as their GrandPapas should not be suprised at molestation. Utterly disgraceful!

A fundamental right to culture? I am still struck in utter disbelief. Thats one line I wont be forgetting for a long, long time.


"frilly ponies"?
If I could figure out what that meant, I'm sure I'd be disturbed.


hmmmm, Italians today do like the opera to be there, and therefore it is reasonable to believe that Italians of the future will also like opera, so I don't see that it is intrinsically unreasonable to incur debts today (ie to tax future Italians) to tide the Italian opera over a lean patch. There would be quite a lot missing from the world if every previous government had taken this view.

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