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October 07, 2005



"Straight out of the trees"? Can't people bother to keep their racism's straight?

This is such an old story that you would think that it would have become folklore by now; don't trust a wolf you meet in the woods. Everyone needs to have a chance to be useful, so I hope the media plays this all the way up - it might save some other equally stupid young woman.

And you would think the Australians would be grateful for Bashir's light sentence. It will be a lot easier to get at him if he's not in prison.

The Australians don't appear to be able to bring much pressure to bear on the Indonesians anyway, so why do they bother crying? Maybe they can threaten to help another chunk of the country break off. Indonesia is not a pariah state but it sure is starting to look like a leper.

Abiola Lapite

"Can't people bother to keep their racism's straight?"

Hey, don't you know all brown people are monkeys by definition?,10117,15422287-31317,00.html

Hmm, "rag-head fucking monkeys", "filthy, dirty little monkeys", "LITTLE BLACK MONKEY LYING FUCK", " from the monkey baggage handlers to the chimp judges", "these Monkeys locking up and bombing young Aussies" - such eloquently stated and enlightened attitudes from the Schapelle-supporters, no? If I were an Indonesian reading these remarks, I'd be half tempted to start agitating for the death penalty for "Our Schapelle" in order to teach these bigoted morons a lesson.

Getting angry at Bashir's sentence I can fully understand, as the man is guilty at the very least of inciting mass murder: what ticks me off is that this pretty much open-and-shut case of a greedy and stupid young woman actually seems to have sparked more outrage amongst Australians than that a man responsible for the deaths of more than 200 of their fellow citizens should have gotten a slap on the wrist. It'll be a cold day in hell before you see any of these nuts steaming from the ears because some 17-year old kid of Asian extraction is hung for drug peddling, even if he does have an Australian passport.

Yanicke Forfang

Abiola, you are like a tornado. I am in awe.

Abiola Lapite

And you are a troll, of whose lame attempts at sarcasm I am not in the least in awe; now go make a nuisance of yourself elsewhere, and don't bother sending me any more email messages about your lunatic obsession.


"seems to have sparked more outrage amongst Australians than that a man responsible for the deaths of more than 200 of their fellow citizens should have gotten a slap on the wrist."

The Maiden and the Dragon again. Reference the d*ckdance around that Natalie girl in Aruba. It ws a sad story, but it got far more than its share of play, didn't it? Some one pointed out that Bali is a vaction destination for the segment of the population in Australia that doesn't get much sympathy from the opinion-makers of that country - too working-class - though I wonder who some of those articles I am not going to read are aimed at.

I am not going to read those articels because i don't have your patience, but I have some conventional advice (worth what you ar patying for it, but here goes...) - arguing reasonably with a real bigot or true-believer of any stripe is like wrestling with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig enjoys it. The only way to settle the argument is to blow them away, either physically or emotionally. Showing up with a member one of these untermenschliche groups in command of a US miltary unit works on a lot of people - whichever solution you decide to go with. I AM NOT suggesting a violent solution to every argument, but I just am all out of patience with intractable bigotry.


Well, clearly what happened is that she met a guy who asked her to bring something with her to Bali, which unbeknownst to her had marijuana hidden inside her; but never fear, because once in jail she will engage in entertaining lip syncing to "Like a Virgin" and become good friends with all the other prisoners; and her barrister ex-boyfriend will save the day by finding the guy who planted the pot and they will get back together and live happily ever after, and her story will be made into a movie starring Renee Zellweger.

Oh, wait.


[Some interesting testimony on the arrest of the saintly Schapelle - hey, who are you going to believe, a pretty young woman who says that the drugs even she admits were found in her bag were "planted", or the four dusky Mohammedans who all testify to having witnessed behavior which made it obvious she knew what she was carrying? ]

hmmm someone, possibly a divinity, is trying to make an ironic point about sharia standards of evidence.



I just wanted to tell the world that I'm a dumb Aussie troll!

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